our fears create our edifice

«Our fears create our edifice – ThetaHealing®»

How the ThetaHealing® technique can help you?

I will start this article with an example in order to explain to you how the ThetaHealing® technique can help you solve every day, recurring and problematic life situations.

Life as a block of flats – How does Thetahealing® intervenes?

Let’s say that your life is like a block of flats. This apartment building has many floors and you are standing on the top and see the view. Below these many floors are the foundations of your apartment building, on which you have built your life. But as you stand at the top there come various events in your life, many of which you may consider “random” or “expected”.These events can be – and often are – serious or less serious health issues. Other events relate to unpleasant situations and events that are repeatedly experienced in your life. You – and probably your environment – consider that it is “natural” such events to happen, since we are referring to human nature. Here I will “spoil” it to you a little bit and the same will do the ThetaHealing® techique.

Our fears our foundation – What do we learn from ThetaHealing®?

Often the foundations of our apartment building consist of internal and unconscious fears. This simply means that we are not aware that we “have them”. These fears can often have an inherited background, have them acquired in childhood, or have arisen in the course of our lives. We ignore their existence and we begin to build floors over them to make our lives – that is our apartment building. These floors represent layers of thoughts and actions we make to get to the “top” of our lives.
Ourself, sends the message
The problem that arises is that on the “top” that we are, our self is reacting. And how does our self reacts? He’s (she’s) getting sick. And when I say he (she)  is getting sick, do not ever imagine a serious “incurable” illness. Here I am referring to a wider range of health issues such as frequent chronic headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, bowel disorders, and acne or weight issues. It is our own self that communicates the message to us. Whether we will get this message, whether we will evaluate it and whether we will take action depends on the level of a good relationship we have with ourselves and how well we can finally hear our self.

How can a certified ThetaHealer® help you?

An experienced “healer” of the ThetaHealing® technique can safely guide you to communicate with yourself, find your foundation, and help you build new ones. With your conscious consent, ThetaHealing® promotes you closer to yourself and to what is best for you. The view that can be admired by your apartment building may be the wrong view for you. Yourself communicates it to you in some way.

Conclusion- What is the final result?

Science and quantum physics now document that the physical reality the way we experience in our everyday lives differs from what the human brain can perceive. But now, with techniques like ThetaHealing®, a human being can work with its fears and its limiting feelings and take off his potential. The end result is to experience harmony with oneself and its environment throughout the range of its activities. A session with an experienced ThetaHealer® will convince you for the result that is the healthiest and the best quality of life for you.

Panagiota Barka,
Certified ThetaHealer®, www.panagiotabarka.com

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