My Primary Value is Human who is an Unlimited Being with Unlimited Possibilities

My personal life attitude  is to get as much as I can from the experience of life itself and to help the people around me to achieve the same regardless their age.

Presentation – Who I Am

I possess the charisma to “see" which is the highest potential of each person, that is, the best version of the personality that a person can become, and guide it to conquer it. Healthcare professional (Registered Nurse, MSc Public Health), healer, intuitive, mentor, spiritual mentor and teacher, leader, coordinator, seminar presenter, instructor, yogi, athlete, climber, I combine my intuitive, insightful and healing abilities with my extensive experience in the Greek NHS and my pure contact with humans.

For me, life has value when I live it to the fullest, with peace, with happiness, without unnecessary worry or fear, without unnecessary stress and through meaningful human relationships. Life is worth it when my whole day is full of my own choices. My choice is to be healthy, not to complain unnecessarily, to learn from everyone, to be exemplified by the best, to find solutions to every obstacle without blaming others or judging life. To make the most of my soul, my emotions, my spirit, my intellect and my body with which life has endowed me.

My Values

My Choises

  • With people who love life and themselves or want to learn how to do it.
  • With decisive and determined people who are directly looking for specific and immediate solutions to their problems.
  • With people who are committed to themselves, who want to stop the constant whining, the victim’s attitude, who want to get rid of the anxiety disorders or other disorders that have been bothering them for years.
  • With People who want to find a solution to every obstacle.
  • With people who want to build meaningful and deep interpersonal relationships with their family and friends.
  • With people who want to learn to communicate better and to have better working relationships.  
  • With people who want to develop empathy and understanding for themselves and the world.
  • With people who do not rest on one’s laurels
  • With people who choose to live, to learn, to feel, to understand, to create, to be happy.

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