Money and Abundance Mastermind and Spiritual Development Mastermind

Starting November 2021, we invite you in the following small group online Masterminds:



 “See Beyond the Vails of the Unseen" – Spiritual Development MASTERMIND :

Advanced and Beginner Classes

Concerns energy therapists/ healers regardless their technique and students of spiritual development.

Goal: Consciousness Expanding – Harmoniously living through the Unity of the Earth with the Spiritual World, Better Understanding of the Reality We Live in and therefore Easier Coexistence in Everyday Life

Some of the topics are: Channeling, connection with the cosmic energy, with the energy of the Whole and unity, communication with the other levels of existence, Development of Virtues. Energy alignment with the Soul, union with the Whole, cultivating and using the supersenses to resolve everyday issues, past lives.

Money and Abundance Mastermind

Beginners and Advanced level classes

It concerns you if you who want to improve your financial situation and increase the abundance in your life.

It includes breaking free from subconscious beliefs that prevent you from having a good relationship with money as well as advanced practices and energy techniques and exercises to improve your finances and expand abundance in your life.

Goal: Increase and Improve Your Abundance and Finances with specific goals

Meeting Details:

Two meetings a month lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Starting Dates: 15 and 18 November 2021

These are small group trainings for deepening and accelerating your results.

All participants will receive the audiovisual material of the meetings to repeat it as many times as they wish.

In addition, participants will receive printed material such as exercises and meditation techniques.

In case of absence, the participant can normally take his / her material and watch the mastermind as a replay

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