10 Rules to Rest this Summer

10 Golden Rules for Resting this Summer and Discovering yourself!!!

In this article, I present to you not only how to rest and recover your strengths from last winter but also how this process will transform you so that by returning to the city you have discovered yourself so that you can conquer your highest potential.

Summarizing articles that have been posted at times, I wonder if you have read and attempted to adopt the suggested ways to spend your vacation or rest on your vacation that include: reading a good book, hiking an island’s paths, dieting holidays and much more “must” or “must do”. As well as how many times you have not put a ‘must’ on yourself during your vacation.

Clear the rules and discover with me how to rest and recover your strengths:

1. Firstly choose whether you are on vacation and restoring or tourism. If you choose to rest, forget about tourism and the brainstorming of historical or other information through visits to archaeological sites or museums. You can separate your holidays if your time is limited and you wish to combine both. For example, if you go on an island you can split the days, into days of tourism and days of relaxation.

2. Go on vacation Alone just for a few days. Follow the program of your soul and your inner self. Follow your inner own time schedule. Our solitary vacations bring us many steps closer to our true selves. It’s a Challenge Yes. It as Conquest Yes. It’s also Liberation though. Sometimes the “compulsive” need of our friends – to go somewhere – to eat a standard time – to rest a standard time etc conquers the form of the program and so your inner self does not recover after the holidays nor calms down. Bomb every form of program.

3. Get rid of the usual notion of time and forget the ‘musts’ and the timetables. Sleep as much as you like, the way you want, or wherever you want. Let the flow of things guide and fascinate you. Allow the energy of your place to direct you. This may simply mean not returning to your room at night but sleeping on a beach or on a sun lounger in a bar.

4. Do Social Media Detox. Turn off computers (leave them at home) – forget about facebook, instagram etc and live the moment with your loved ones as if social media didn’t exist. Take pictures of your moments, but stay there. Life is always in the present. And this is the only way you will feel it to the maximum, by living in the present and not in some screen. Why show your friends who you are and what you do? Do you really need it?

5. Relax all day long on the beach, in the river, in the woods or wherever you like. It is enough to calm down.

6. Tune in to the sounds and the energy of the place you are in. Listen to the birds, the leaf litter, and the sound of the sea or the children playing around. Stay present and erase any thoughts you have about your job, past or future. The solution will come after resting spiritually and mentally.

7. Eat and drink as much as you like and what you like. Rest assured that everyone will remember you for the authenticity of your character, your bravery, your vitality, your quality, your integrity or just your smile and not your body image. After all, in a week or two, no one became a “model”. Leave the modeling for the city program.

8. Dance, Have Fun, Play Games, Love and these entire if you like and without must, how and why.

9. And if you enjoy reading, I suggest a quiz, Sudoku, or crosswords because in this way the brain sharpens and enhances its concentration without tiring, worrying or pondering. We are at rest to conquer thyself I recall.

And if all of these sounds to you like a “must”, … just

10. Follow your Heart. It knows.

Panagiota ( Giota) Barka

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