What Does Conquering My Highest Potential Mean Practically?

In order to conquer one’s potential, one does not have to climb a peak like Everest. The Conquest is in the EVERYDAY LIFE.  I CONQUER the way I operate, I work, I communicate and I feel.



  1. I get rid of a chronic constipation and so I feel relief and energy in my daily life.
  2. I am feeling relief or I get rid of the period pain and so I work and perform normally as if there it was not there.
  3. I stop quarreling with my partner every day and so we come closer and develop healthy love bonds.
  4. I get rid of my sick attachment to my partner. So I develop my integrity and my self-dependance as a human being. So we “breathe emotionally” together. So we expand our daily activities, our contacts, and cultivate more healthy action in our lives without pushing the other side too much.
  5. I can concentrate more, so I can read faster, so I memorize more.
  6. I’m unblocked by my stress and so I come up with more creative ideas at work or at home.
  7. I reduce the generational gap with my children or my parents and so I experience relationships of love, trust and protection.
  8. I feel united with my surroundings and so I feel protected. I take away the “sense of threat”, that “nothing works” and that “the whole system is against me” as a citizen in some way. That’s how I bring abundance to my life.
  9. I know and distinguish the right people-friends for me and so I live in relationships of acceptance, sharing and joy.
  10. I can easily discern what is right for me because I come into contact with my inner self and who I am and what I really need.

All of the above form part of your highest potential as a Humans.

The brain has been scientifically proven to be malleable to all ages. This means we can get rid of a bad habit or we can relieve and get rid of a chronic illness.

How does this happen through this ability of brain plasticity?

Everything we are ….. IS ….. Everything we think about ourselves.

Many diseases come from the dysfunctional and “wrong” thoughts we have about ourselves and our worth. When we “bust” our brains with the right information this can have spectacular effects on our health. Through a ThetaHealing session, we trigger the thoughts that are right for you to help you get rid of a chronic illness or bad habit.

Also when we talk about malleable brain it means that we can lift the aptitude of disintegration, mental or muscular performance abilities to levels that we have hitherto considered nature impossible. So in a thetahealing session, we break down any restrictions you may have and probably you are unaware of.

Seek and Conquer Your Highest Potential TODAY. Through the ThetaHealing technique we work together in a professional yet intimate context to achieve your goal.

For any queries or for a Free Appraisal of your own personal needs contact me.

Panagiota Barka

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