I address and encourage those who are ready and willing to respond to their personal challenges in order to bring them to light and to see the truth beyond them.

“When you are united with your Higher Self and the Purpose of your Soul then you have the triptych of prosperity, welfare, longevity and the ticket to fullness, a life of love, protection, security, joy, the least strength, the least possible health problems, pleasure and awareness. " “Panagiotas Barka"

What can Thetahealing do for you?

As a consultant of the ThetaHealing technique, I help people transform their lives on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level and guide them to realize their own Truth.

What do you earn?
  • · You come to the realization of your own Truth and your own Life Purpose.
  • · Healing in spirit and body
  • · Get high levels of creativity and problem solving
  • · Increase your emotional connection with others
  • · You gain a bridge to higher spiritual levels
  • · Spiritual clarity
  • · Increased IQ performance and memory
  • · Release restrictive beliefs that hold you back and sustain you as a “little helpless"
You will also be able to:
  • · Heal old and timeless mental traumas
  • · Movε past fears moving towards Freedom
  • · Release heavy emotional weight once and for all
  • · Treating physical disorders in a natural way
ThetaHealing® helps you transform
ANY side of your life to the better.
The purpose is to guide you through a sincere relationship of trust and respect.

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