Sessions ThetaHealing® with Children

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Sessions ThetaHealing® with Children

ThetaHealing® children’s sessions present small differences regarding the process comparably to adults. Important factors are: child’s age, his / her level of perception, the presence or absence of the parent during the session. For example, older children like teenagers may wish to talk by themselves with the theta healer. It is significant to be mentioned that, a therapeutic relationship of trust and confidentiality is guaranteed with children too, as with adults.

For younger children who are either afraid to stay alone with the theta healer or are too young to be away from the parent, the session is normally done with minor procedural variations. Tools are also used such as toys.

With the Theta Healing® technique in children, we – the healer and the child- mainly work on emotions. We discover what feelings the child feels and experiences. As far as negative feelings are concerned, we investigate their origins and we identify the child’s deeper need which he/she may express with a supposed “strange” behavior. Afterwards, we work on the positive emotions needed by the child.

Many times this aforementioned deeper need may not be adequately covered by the family for that particular child. This is why Ι provide guiding, case-specific, practical advice.

Admittedly, adults often need a theta healing® session to develop the right channel of communication with their children in order to help and support them in their everyday life.

The final result and the purpose of a session in children with the ThetaHealing® technique is the child’s mental, emotional and spiritual balance as evidenced by his/her behavior at school and out-of-school activities.


Panagiota (Giota) Barka,
Certified Theta Healer®

 (The Theta Healing® technique does not replace the diagnostic or therapeutic methods of the classical conventional medicine. It works well and cooperatively with it. The Theta Healing® technique is based on the individual’s free will to choose the methods or techniques that he/she believes will improve his or her health and wellbeing)

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