I know that many of you experience different internal tensions every day such as:

  • panic, agony, anxiety about the future
  • fear of death, mourning for the loss of human lives
  • loneliness and drowning from isolation at home,nerves, anger, melancholy, sadness.
  • financial and emotional insecurity
What are the benefits of Healing?

We release the weight of these feelings

We reduce their intensity in the way we feel them

We learn to manage them.

What is the effect of Healing?
We feel calm, cool, we regain self-control
Who is Concerned?
  • To those who came face to face with the disease as patients, as relatives, as workers
  • To those who experience the above emotions as a result of the pandemic in their daily lives.
How is it applied?

At this stage: remotely via skype personalized in sessions

Recommendations. Who is Panagiota Barka?

Registered Nurse and ThetaHealer. She combines her extensive knowledge and experience in the Greek NHS with alternative techniques of well-being and meditation. She specializes in Public Health (Msc), Epidemic Surveillance, Anesthesia, Emergencies, Intuitive Anatomy, Nervous System Training, Respiratory Muscles and other muscle groups.

She cooperates with different specialties of health professionals with the aim of providing a high level of welfare and health services.

You can find examples of Thetahealing Exercises on her youtube channel. (videos are in the Greek language for the moment. Soon there will be in English too.Thank you for your understanding)

With a sense of high social responsibility and humanity, these services are provided with a 50% discount.

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